GOSA salutes the industry for commitment We are at the start of December 2021. Exciting! In the recent past, we have also seen the “birth” of a new Covid strain called Omicron. One can only hope that we’ve learned from experience; that this December will be more “normal” and that we will be able to [...]

Saddle up, your industry needs you! One can hardly believe that 2021 is almost done, which goes to show that when our GOSA members are challenged by a pandemic and its consequences, they rise to the occasion and tackle the bull by the horns. This must be the reason why time seems to fly by [...]

Keep the value chain functional in times like these Greetings to all the GOSA members from a cold and wet Overberg. We are already in the middle of 2021. Winter has definitely arrived around here – as well as in the rest of the country. We have been blessed with good rains at the right [...]

Respect agriculture’s contribution to stability Time is racing past at an ever-increasing pace. I think this year this is even more applicable than in any other year I have been involved in grain. The consequences of a rainy season that came earlier, producers who could plant earlier than in the past few years, and sufficient [...]

Huge pressure on logistics network expected hence the bumper harvest As we started the New Year in 2021 the situation looked very serious particularly in KwaZulu-Natal with COVID-19 fatalities increasing daily. For many of us the deadly impact of Covid-19 and its new mutations regrettably is now only fully being appreciated. There are a lot [...]

To all friends and members in the grain industry… What a year 2020 has been! It was filled with challenges, hiccups and lockdowns! But, like the resilient industry we are, we managed the difficulties and here we are at the beginning of 2021. Whatever problems await us in the future, we’ll work out solutions as [...]

Take account of 2020 and live the change in 2021 Good day to all from a very hot Johannesburg. Can you believe that the year 2020 is rushing towards an end? We have seen a year full of trials and tribulations. We are also amidst the amazing harvest being taken off the fields in the [...]

We work in an incredible industry What a great privilege it is to me to write to you on the eve of probably one of the most beautiful crops that I have seen here in the Overberg in 23 years. A lot can still happen before the combine harvesters are sent into the fields, but [...]

Enjoy the familiar; and welcome change At midnight on 21 September this year South Africa moved down to Level 1 of the Covid-19 lockdown. What a relief that was to all of us! Going hand in hand with the so-called new normal, it was clear the people were excited about taking such a small step [...]

Be prepared for the new way of doing things It is encouraging that we have effectively been on Level 2 of lockdown since 18 August this year. The country has been suffering under the impact of COVID-19 for more than five months. Many decisions were made and proclaimed by the government and we can argue [...]
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