July 14, 2022

We will come out stronger on the other side

Time flies by faster and faster. I think this year it is even more applicable than any other year in the period I have been involved in the grain industry. Nobody wears masks anymore and COVID-19 doesn’t even make the news anymore.

The effects of an earlier rain season, producers who were able to plant earlier than in the past few years and enough heat units over some parts of the summer cereal area are now clearly coming to light. With a few exceptions, the reality at present is that grain yields are average while quality and moisture are currently not ideal for harvesting the summer grain and oilseeds.

Furthermore, the latter not only contributes to the fact that the collection of the 2022 summer crop started later, but it will also end much later. The good news along with the bad news is that winter cereal areas where the seed is already in the soil currently have sufficient moisture.

Producers in some irrigation areas are still struggling to get the maize off and the wheat plant window is expiring. Prices are generally higher than last year and the export programme is already in full swing. Although Transnet (TFR) has several challenges, the first train trucks made it all the way to port.

I think agriculture is a contributor to political and economic stability in any area. It provides for two basic needs namely food and jobs. At present, consumers are under tremendous pressure in terms of fuel and food prices. Interest rates have risen and we are facing further increases. However, always remember the following: We are all proud South Africans and we WILL come out stronger on the other side!

To everyone involved in and supporting the collection, grading and weighing, inspection, handling, storage, financing, processing, logistics and administrative process of the current crop – and also those who are already working on the next crop: All the best and know where your Help and Power comes from.

Johan van Rensburg

Cell: 087 358 8882
Email: johan.vanrensburg@vkb.co.za

Johan van Rensburg
Mobile: 082 874 0188
Email: johan.vanrensburg@vkb.co.za