October 21, 2021

Saddle up, your industry needs you!

One can hardly believe that 2021 is almost done, which goes to show that when our GOSA members are challenged by a pandemic and its consequences, they rise to the occasion and tackle the bull by the horns. This must be the reason why time seems to fly by so quickly.

At this point in time, it seems as if we are slowly starting to get the upper hand over COVID-19. In my opinion the risk of new variants is still present, but there now seems to be a definite switch in the mindset of many people. Although we might not be able to eradicate COVID-19, society will have to learn to adapt to it in the same way that we are living with other serious diseases.

In these challenging times, we as GOSA members have the responsibility to serve our industry and nation in a responsible way. Producers have already accepted the challenge. Wheat farmers made a great effort and the Crop Estimates Committee is expecting a national wheat crop of almost 2,1 million tons – of which the Western Cape is expected to make a record contribution of 1,134 million tons. Harvesting of this crop will commence soon and from what I’ve heard our GOSA members in the grain handling industry are well prepared to receive this year’s crop.

Although the intentions to plant figures have not yet been announced, initial estimates indicate that our summer grain producers are planning to plant record hectares this season (there is a significant chance for some marginal hectares to be brought back into production as well). Maize production will be popular due to high prices, but high fertiliser prices will probably incentivize farmers to move record hectares to soybeans. Sunflower production has become less popular due to sclerotinia infections, but the current extraordinary high prices can cause hectares under sunflower to increase as well.

The weather forecast for 2022 looks promising. A well-developed La Nina weather system is in place and similar rainfall to last year is expected. Current forecasts indicate that this system will remain in place until the autumn of 2022. This is very good news to summer grain producers.

Given the above hectarage and weather forecast it seems fair to expect a bumper crop and our GOSA members will once again have to rise to the occasion regarding handling and processing. Storage, processing and exports is going to take its toll, but I’m sure that our members will be well prepared to rise to the challenge!

Be steadfast and keep your eyes focused on Him who gives us power and courage.

Best regards

Dries Dannhauser

Cell: 087 358 8184
Email: dries.dannhauser@vkb.co.za

Dries Dannhauser

Mobile: 087 358 8184
Email: dries.dannhauser@vkb.co.za