July 29, 2020

You are in the right industry

Wow, we are experiencing interesting, exciting times! What is your five-year plan? What do your resolutions for the new year look like? What does this year’s budget look like? The new normal these days is Zoom and Teams …

I do not think one of the answers I would have written down next to each of the above questions in January 2020 still applies today. There is also a saying that one should never waste a good crisis.

So far the grain industry as a whole has experienced fewer of the economic restrictions that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused for the greater economy.

Results of a survey by World-grain.com in May 2020 revealed that the grain industry experienced both positive and negative repercussions during the period of the pandemic. The biggest negative effect was the reduction in the products and the stability of the workforce in this highly specialised field.

According to the research, the biggest positive experience was a growth in small, unprocessed packaging for food-aid schemes. The manufacturing of packaging material by smaller suppliers with few employees, as well as smaller distributors who could operate locally, had the most positive effect on that side. The retail industry therefore to a great extent compensated for the contraction at wholesale level.

Stay safe and wash your hands. You are in the right industry!

Source: Word-grain.com

Johan van Rensburg
Vice President

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Johan van Rensburg
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