January 29, 2019

Two GOSA meetings and workshop planned

And so, another year has come to an end and a new one has started. GOSA’s technical committee wishes one and all a prosperous 2019.

Looking back on 2018, one can describe it as a full and an adventurous year. We had our first meeting in February 2018, which was followed by a second meeting in Klerksdorp and finally our workshop in October 2018. Attendees from all over South Africa made the effort to attend this workshop that was held at NAMPO Park near Bothaville.

At the workshop the focus was placed on three different parts of grain handling and storage. Firstly, the maintenance side of equipment and bins; secondly the logistical side and what role grain storage facilities play in the supply chain. Thirdly we focused on people, e.g. how to plan as far as finances are concerned.

We plan to have at least two formal meetings and one workshop during 2019.

All the best!

Johan van Rensburg

Johan van Rensburg
Mobile: 082 874 0188
Email: johan.vanrensburg@vkb.co.za