November 20, 2018

GOSA brainstorm to commence at West Coast in 2019

We as GOSA is starting our 36th year of existence with big expectations which will hopefully become reality. None of these expectations in the grain industry can be achieved unless we will be blessed with good rain from our Heavenly Father soon.

Some parts of the Western Cape received good rains and therefore there will be an average crop in those areas. Big was the shock when producers realised what impact the wind had on their crops, especially in the Swartland. The damage caused by the wind was up to 40% which has had an impact on the tonnage per hectare.

The dam levels in the Western Cape are at about 70% at the moment. Some places in the Karoo received no rain at all and therefore Agri Western Cape applied for this area to be declared as a disaster area.

In the northern areas of our country, producers started to do some planting, but the rain was not enough, so the planting was put to a hold. Some more rain is needed urgently.

I am not going to give any comment regarding land expropriation without compensation, but it remains the topic of the day.

News from the GOSA Boardroom is that we are still busy positioning ourselves in the grain value chain to ensure a future for the organisation. GOSA’s main focus still remains to create forums for all interested parties in this industry to share their expertise. We are going to Club Mykonos in 2019 for a brainstorming to see how we will achieve our goals. Please book 19 and 20 March 2019 for this event if you haven’t done so yet.

Top speakers will be there, such as Mosiuoa Lekota, Prof Dirk Kotzé, Japie Grobler and Dr Roelof Botha – only to mention a few. Wicus van der Merwe and Pietman the Scot (Geldenhuys) will provide entertainment.

We wish you all a prosperous Festive Season and thank each one for their involvement with GOSA.

See you at the West Coast!

Hein Rehr

Hein Rehr
Mobile: 082 451 1569