November 13, 2017

GOSA – 34 years of handling grain

Since GOSA was founded 34 years ago various persons in the grain industry have made exceptional contributions towards making this organisation relevant and important.

Initially GOSA’s activities were mainly driven by persons and institutions directly involved with grain storage. For this reason the focus was also more on gathering and exchanging information, knowledge and expertise between these institutions.

For the past five years GOSA’s Board has made deliberate efforts to create forums where all stakeholders in grain handling, including transport contractors, Transnet, storage facilities, ports, traders, financiers, millers, feed processors, government departments and related industries, are given an opportunity to liaise and to exchange information and expertise to the benefit of the industry. GOSA’s annual Symposium and workshop are an indication of the great success achieved in this regard.

However, the Board aims to add even more value for the stakeholders in the grain handling chain through GOSA’s activities. For this reason the Board is planning a gathering in February 2018 to discuss the matter.

The Board would like to take inputs by you as stakeholders in the grain handling chain into account during the discussions and would therefore like to invite you to provide us with your needs and proposals. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your support and involvement in GOSA’s activities over the past year. The Board wishes you a blessed Festive Season.

Kind regards

Awie Kriel
Vice President

Awie Kriel
Mobile: 083 286 2506